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Welcome to P1otato DVD Ripper - Installation and Uninstallation

"The Potato DVD Ripper fully supports Installation and Uninstallation. Users can install and uninstall WonderfFox DVD Ripper easily." "Installation of Potato DVD Ripper
Step 1, Download Potato DVD Ripper setup file.
Step 2, Double click the setup file to start installation.
Step 3, Follow the instructions to install Potato DVD Ripper on your computer.
Note: If you want to upgrade to the latest version please uninstall the old version first and then install it." "Uninstallation of Potato DVD Ripper"
    • Click 'Windows Start' -> 'All Programs' -> 'Potatosoft' -> 'Potato DVD Ripper' -> "Uninstall".
    • Open the folder of Potato DVD Ripper, and run the "Uninstall.exe".
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